Tuesday, October 25, 2022

My sub had to learn he is only allowed to cum if I say so watching him squirm made me laugh so hard!!! The ultimate tease and denial fantasy!!!


Welcome I am Mistress Camille, the bitchy girlfriend of your wildest wet dreams. I love being a Bratty Princess! I have a soft sweet voice, but I get demanding and controlling. Now you are probably asking yourselves, how can I humiliate you? Well loser, it’s pretty simple actually. I know the source of your greatest shame. I know what has always caused you the biggest amount of embarrassment. Since you are nothing but a total teeny weeny dick reject, all I really need to do is use you for my amusement. Giving up control and submitting to me will be the sweetest defeat you have ever experienced. But don't think of it as a loss, because what you will gain will leave you satisfied beyond your wildest desires. Not all people are created equally, I have always known this, and I have used this knowledge to wield power over the submissive.  It’s incredibly hot to watch a man on his knees, begging me for permission to shoot his load. It's such a power trip to humiliate and control men. I just can't get enough. Like today one of my subs needed a little discipline and I taught him a lesson I'm sure he's still thinking about.

I was waiting for him in tight latex lingerie adorning my body, His mouth basically fell open as he came through the door, closing it behind him, he dropped everything he was carrying, and without saying a word he followed me up the stairs and into the bedroom where I had lit candles and laid out sex toys and restraints for him across the bed." Lay”, is all I said to him, knowing that direct instruction was a dominant command that boded well. He did as he was told, laying back on the bed, gawking at my new assertive demeanor.

I…this….I…”, he stuttered, unable to get his words out.

I quickly shot over to him, placing my finger over his lips and telling him to be quiet.

“Undress”, is all I said next, watching him as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pants before laying there naked, his cock rock hard, resting against his stomach. My eyes widened. I smirked at his cock, despite how impressed I was by it, humiliating him. I watched as it jumped, the veins visibly pumping on his shaft.Without saying a word, I pulled his hands over and above his head and tied them together in a tight and restrictive double knot. He watched my every move and as I moved down to secure his legs in place, he let out a little pathetic whimper.“Don’t make a noise unless I say you can”, I replied calmly, with darkness to my voice I had never experienced before. Sighing loudly, once he was restrained, I got on my knees and began crawling up the bed, his rock-hard cock inches from my face.

“Now, you do NOT cum, do you hear me?”, I said, looking at him
sternly. He nodded enthusiastically, knowing instinctively that there would be big consequences for misbehaving. His cock was throbbing, aching for my touch. I let my mouth hover over his hard cock, it pulsated, desperate for me."mmm I don’t think so”, I said, pulling away. His cock seemed as if it was growing even harder. I leaned back, pulled my panties to one side, and showed him just how wet I was. He bit his lip and went to say something and then he remembered the rules. I grabbed my vibrator and turned it on, bringing it to my pussy. As soon as the vibrations rippled over my clit I was in another world of pleasure, my mind racing, my body trembling with the need to cum.
He just watched me, his cock throbbing as I got myself off right in front of him. His eyes drank in my body, he couldn’t get enough of me, he knew I had no plans for him to cum, this was all about me. I pulled at my lingerie, exposing my huge breasts as I began rubbing and fondling them, pulling hard on my erect nipples. His cock began to leak with pre-cum, he was desperate, and I wasn’t going to give it to him. Suddenly, my vibrator began to bring me over the edge, I was on the brink of an orgasm, and I couldn’t stop, I felt myself trembling as I began to cum, my juices leaking out of me as I soaked the sheets and felt my entire body shaking from such an intense release.

I caught my breath and put down my vibrator, hovering my pussy over his face, “Clean me”, is all I said and he did, sucking on my pussy as if I was the tastiest thing in the world, his tongue explored inside of me, he sucked on my clit with such fervor I could barely control my breathing. As soon as I thought he had done a good enough job, I pulled away and left the room, leaving him tied up, rock hard, and sexually frustrated. Ten minutes or so later I came back into the room and he was right where I had left him, his eyes lit up. I gently began tracing my fingers along his legs, over his thighs, and up his shaft before bringing them down onto his bare flesh in one almighty spank. He cried out with pleasure, and I did it again and again, drops of pre-cum leaking from his hard shaft.“If you cum before I say it’s over, you will not cum for another week, do you understand?”, I said.  He nodded obediently, desperate to plead and fight from his corner. He wanted that release, but he knew that I was the one in charge. He was my submissive sex toy. I lowered my mouth to his throbbing cock and let it slip down my throat, again and again, feeling it straining as I took him deeper and deeper, my tongue swirling around his tip and over his shaft. I turned my vibrator on and rested it against his balls.  He gripped the sheets with his tied hands, and he quietly muttered: “Pl…please…I’m going to cum….please” and with that sentence, I stopped.

Smirking, I let his cock flop back against his stomach as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I pinched his cheeks and said, "you silly, silly sub”.  Laying back and touching myself again, making him watch as I lube my pussy with my juices.  My clit was swollen from my previous orgasm.  After a few minutes, I turned my attention back to him, making sure his restraints were how they should be. I then began lowering myself down onto his cock, it slid inside of my tight wet pussy and as I began to ride him, getting myself off. From the look on his face and the throb inside of me, I knew he wouldn’t last long. I rode him faster and faster and just as he was about to cum, I stopped. Completely still and I began to laugh. Did you really think I would let you actually cum?”, I said, climbing off of him and letting his increasingly veinier cock smack against his stomach. He shook his head, his eyes wild and desperate. I grabbed my dildo and start masturbating on top of him, leaning back and letting him see me penetrating myself. I could feel my orgasm brimming, it’s so close and I just can’t help myself, letting myself erupt all over his stomach, his cock twitching right beneath me. I gasp for breath and smiled, thanking him for such an amazing release. Laughing and leaving him tied up and frustrated because I am in charge now and unfortunately for him, I don’t want him to cum today. "You must learn discipline slut" l said as l left him tied up and helpless.  The way he should be.

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How I fell in Love with Being a Mistress find out how I discovered my alter ego Mistress Camille!!!

 I fell in love with objectification as a fetish when I was a child and I would sit on older males backs like a chair, stand on their feet and make them crawl like a dog and support my feet while I kicked back and wanted to elevate them for comfort and a certain entitled bratty satisfaction. Yes, I was and still can be a big brat, but thankfully now I am mindful of who I direct my brat potential towards: only the consenting and the grateful of course. I first discovered that l could actually become a professional Dominatrix after l watched a documentary called"Fetishes" highlighting the work of  the Dominatrices in a prominent NYC dungeon called Pandora’s Box. I watched in awe as a beautiful, commanding, woman named Mistress Raven calmly ashed her cigarette into the mouth of a very well-trained and well-behaved human ashtray, and I noticed how matter-of-fact this relationship dynamic and form of servitude was. I admired how happily and obediently her trained human object performed this task. I knew then in that very moment that I would become like Mistress Raven. I knew then that it was my destiny to become a professional Dominatrix and explore this incredibly compelling dynamic of power play and objectification.

In my work as a professional Dominatrix, the first human object that I had the pleasure of exploring with was, of course, a human ashtray. To my delight I found myself in a commercial dungeon in the Bay Area just a year after viewing that documentary, emulating my heroine Mistress Raven as I calmly ashed my cigarette into the open and grateful mouth of my session slave. The objectification helped him to focus his mind and to surrender to the psychodrama, and then gain access to the resultant post-surrender bliss in the wake of the ordeal. Not all objectification fantasies are so wild or intricate, and yet some are much, much more so. But, objectification can be simple and sweet, and involves varying degrees of embarrassment, humiliation, or degradation. I have found myself utterly delighted to have been offered a human body as a foot stool for a full hour while I read and drink coffee, the little lump of flesh and bones shifting ever so slightly on the bricks of my side-yard patio, inspiring an opportunity to correct and train it. I have enjoyed strapping my favorite "Humiliator" mouth gag to many of my slave trainees' faces, allowing me to affix an assortment of objects to them in order to put them to good use as a toilet brush, a feather duster, a drink holder, a boot brush, and a toilet paper roll holder among other things. I have also enjoyed sprawling my submissive pet across the cold cement floor in a heap in front of the heater so that I could sit comfortably upon its warm flesh while I perched perfectly positioned to achieve full heat absorption potential, and granting my object-servant a few ass-pats of satisfaction for doing so well underneath me.

In the memories of my experiences training humans to be objects, I notice a certain common energetic texture to these situations that I'm quite fond of. For me it involves getting my trainee out of their head, facilitating feats of endurance and commitment, testing loyalty and devotion, and providing connection elevated beyond the need for words, body language, and communication otherwise. Sometimes these experiences are playful and hilarious, other times they're just the right level of degrading, and other times they are quiet and sweet. What I notice in those quiet, sweet moments while training my footstool, vase, or candelabra is gorgeous timelessness, and in this lack of temporality is our delicately suspended human energy, mingling, elated, over mundane moments transmuted into magic through embarrassment, devotion, absurdity, and presence.

My sub had to learn he is only allowed to cum if I say so watching him squirm made me laugh so hard!!! The ultimate tease and denial fantasy!!!

  Welcome I am Mistress Camille, the bitchy girlfriend of your wildest wet dreams. I love being a Bratty Princess! I have a soft sweet voice...